Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Random Ramblings of a Video Games Blogger : Are New Games All The Same?

 Mirror's Edge Screenshot

Being 14, I am still in full time education and when I'm travelling to and from the place I've nicknamed "Beelzebub's Lair", I have a lot of time to ponder random thoughts (much like Russell Brand's Ponderland but with less euphemisms and WAY less hair!). Today, I was sat on the epically slow bus that I catch to school everyday and I was staring out of the window (with a blank look on my face of course!) when I happened to see 3 of the same make of car zoom past. All 3were different colours but it did get me thinking, "are we seeing the same video games all the time but with miniscule variations?". There's a reason that Call of Duty: World At War was such a commercial flop in comparison to its predecessor, it was because developers Treyarch didn't bring anything new to the table. Modern Warfare was innovative and imaginative and that's why it was so successful. The likes of DICE's Mirror's Edge really pushed the boundaries of video game development as a "first-person free-running combat" concept had never been made before. While the game didn't do as well as DICE and publishers EA had hoped it did give many other developers the courage to create original IP's. So, as gamers we can only hope that more of there "out-there" games are produced in the future.

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