Monday, 21 December 2009

Random Ramblings : Is The Avatar Game Actually Quite Good?

Avatar Gameplay Screenshot

Avatar Gameplay screenshot via

Movie games. Blergh! They are by definition : games that are based on or around a specific box office film, that’s the general idea anyway but most of these games are generic pieces of fluff that have been put together by developers who seem to be incapable of conjuring up any creativity whatsoever! James Cameron’s Avatar is the latest blockbuster smash to get its own ‘movie-game’ and by George! I think it may be quite good!

I know what you’re thinking “Jasmine, how much were you paid to say that?” well, the answer my friend is absolutely nothing. I genuinely like the game. What we find most intriguing about our games is that they find a way to be different, even if it’s only in a small way from other things that are out there which is why we might choose Tony Hawk’s Ride over EA’s Skate games (or vice versa) ; they’re both the same game in theory but in reality they’re completely different.

The reason I say that the Avatar video game is quite good is that it is, by all means, extremely different. For example, it’s the very first game to use 3D, ever! Sure, you’ll have to spend a few thousand dollars (or pounds if you’re in the UK like me ^__^ ) on a 3D TV but the point is that it’s there. The developers wanted to make the game just like the film by allowing players to experience it in all of its fabulous 3 Dimensional glory.

As I said, a movie-game is, by definition a game that is based on or around a specific box office movie and it seems that between the awe-inspiring 3D specs and the literally breath-taking graphics, this is a true movie-game executed the way it should be.

*By the way* – the 3D version of the game is only available on PS3 because Sony’s Blu-Ray allows the 3D specs to work. However you can pick up a copy of the game for either PS3 or Xbox 360 (or both????? if you really want to) form Amazon today. (Also availabe on Wii,DS and all the typical others!)

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