Saturday, 5 December 2009

Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption Rears Its (Rather Attractive) Head

Red Dead Redemption "My Name Is John Marston" trailer via Me!(Jasmine) on YouTube

The team behind the Grand Theft Auto games, Rockstar, are renowned for keeping hush,hush about the game that they happen to be working on. But now ("!), after seeing just a trailer, which was to announce the game, like a cowardly prisoner prisoner in questioning, they’ve sung like a sweet,sweet songbird with the release of this brand new trailer “My Name Is John Marston” , that shows us a bit of what the game is about.

In other Red Dead Redemption news, the Official PlayStation (UK) Podcast (available on iTunes now) discussed which wildlife would feature in the game, revealing that : bears,coyotes & rattlesnakes would all be present.

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Anonymous said...

GTA in the wild west.Nice.

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