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5 Top Tips : How to Pwn n00bs in Modern Warfare 2’s Online Modes

Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Screenshot

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Like many of my fellow online gamers, I have spent approx. every waking hour (besides school etc.) playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2! Within one day after release I had completed the game's main story mode but from there I headed online, where the real Modern Warfare's at. Now I'm gonna be honest, I'm no "l33t" player when it comes to MW2's online modes but having been ruthlessly killed by so many other players so many times means that I have picked up some great tips & tricks on how to rack up a huge killstreak! Check 'em out below.

1.Get Low

Do you know how many times I was killed by the same guy today? 6! Within a space of 3 minutes he had made me respawn 6 times! Now you're probably thinking to yourself "why on Earth didn't she just kill this crazy fool!?" well I tried and failed. Each and every time I set up my aim to look around pump a few rounds into this n00b I was killed! But then, the 6th time that I respawned, it hit me, the reason that he'd been able to avert my beady eyes was because he'd been lying down. This simple feat can keep you easily hidden and provided that you lay fairly
still you can kill your enemies, undetected.

2. Stay Frosty

If you completed the story mode, chances are that you have, you will have heard one of your trusty comrades tell you to "stay frosty". Now there's no literal translation for the saying (so don't Wikipedia it) but what it basically means is that you should keep an eye out. Every step you take, every move you make, take a look around as you never know who might be running around like a mad-thing! Seriously, this really works,the amount of times I've watched the kill cam playback to see that I was killed by a player who was just randomly aiming down his sights was unreal!

3. Find Your Nook & Cranny

In every game, online or off you will find that games often have a series of "nook & crannies". If you're reading this and are confused then it's OK, you don't understand because you're not British. In the UK, particularly in England, we use the phrase "nook & cranny" to categorise a small gap or space. By "find your nook & cranny" what I mean is that you should find a place to hide in different maps, a place where you can easily kill people without being seen and is difficult to gain access to without the proper know how. Your own little hide-out!

4. No Distractions!

Trust me. Got an annoying little brother or a delicious packet of Cheetos that is in your hand, just begging for your undivided attention? Just ignore it! When you bought MW2 from your local GameStop or GAME store (Steam?) little did you know, you enrolled. In the fictional "army" , it's not the real army of course, but you still fight wars (against hackers?). There is no room for distractions and you will find that you will kill more d00ds when the game has your full attention. 

*HINT* ~ look for enemies that are standing still with a blank look on there face = person on the other end has got the munchies and abandoned them for packet of crisps (chips to you lot in the U.S).

5.Jump,Duck & Weave!!

Yeah that's two exclamation marks so you know that I'm serious! Being shot at?RUN! No you idiot! Not in a straight line! Do you know how easy it is to shoot people running in a straight line?Answer~Very. If someone is popping caps in yo' a** run like hell, jumping about like a mad thing will make it impossible for them to hit you as will weaving. However, if all else fails find that nook or cranny (see above) and duck!

*HINT* ~ the Marathon perk will help with the whole "running like the wind" thing.

*BONUS TIP*~ if a pop up shows up on screen saying "Nuclear Bomb at Base in x amount of seconds" there is LITERALLY nothing that you can do!!!!!! Don't duck, don't dive  , don't even head for that nook or cranny (srsly just read the whole article!). There's no solution. In "x amount of seconds" every player on the map will be obliterated and it will be announced that your team has lost. Dramatically. But don't worry the nuclear bomb is worth a 25 killstreak and is virtually impossible to get.

Happy Holidays! 
X Jasmine :D



Anonymous said...

I've got the nuclear bomb 2 in 1 game my i had 61 kills at the end of the game. lol

Jasmino924 said...

I've never got it personally but I've been killed by it loads of itmes!

Anonymous said...

on afgan if you get a javalin and go to the king of vedagbal patch and fire it out of the map on what looks like a hut when a nuck is lanched it will termin at (P.S. DO IT BEFOR THE NUKE IS LANCHED)(ALSO IT STOPS UR OWN TEAMS NUKES ASWELL)

Jasmino924 said...

Really? I've not heard of that glitch but I exepct that once Infinity Ward hear about it there'll be an update. Keep using it while you can though.

Anonymous said...

n 0 0 b

Anonymous said...

i've gotten nuke 3 times in one game. and yeah. all these tips i do. im on80 somethin nukes.well, i'd use ACR w/ silenced. but bling if u want. but add holo when u do use this. use stopping power or cold blooded. and ninja. USE CLAYMORES. when ur out there looking at one thing. set a claymores o no one stabbs u . & for secondary make sure u have a javelin or stinger . WATCH OUT FOR THOSE AIR ATTACKERs

Anonymous said...

Stupid, wow if you are only a level 20 or somewhere around that, upgrade your scar and it will be freaking AWESOME trust me get bling then get the attatchments shotgun and heartbeat or shotgun and acog. Then get akimbo p2000 those little machine guns that the riot shield police use and have a throwing knife and stun grenades that is how you will pwn people. The best hiding spot is in terminal at the back of the plane you will see a red barrel, shoot it and jump into the back( makesure you have a heavy mahine gun or a upgraded assualt rifle.


Jasmino924 said...

Thanks for the tips, that's some good advice right there!

Anonymous said...

Ok, im a good search and destroy player, good at camping really, but I'll give you some tips to play SearcH and DestroY!
Your the last alive, the bombs planted, you can't see the bomb fully, no enemies? Oh thats right, they might be defusing it, but be carefull, because they might be looking at the bomb and if you run out towards it then that could give your position up.
If you hear a sound where it sound like somethings getting picked up, then Beep Beep Beep Beep, the next noise you'll hear is Bomb Defused, so if you hear one single Beep, run at the bomb and shoot at the defusing noob.
Plus if your team mate planted the bomb, then got shot, and your last alive, oh no. If your camping at the other bombsite, worst comes to worst the defending side will beat you to the bomb, therefore, you've lost.
Attacking tips:
If someone else picks up the bomb, follow them, but keep your distance, if you run in front you might get shot because obviously will be enemies expecting you!
I don't know why, but staying prone or crouched and having your sensablility(its in options) up to high or custom, insane, is a MUST! If your getting impatient and and start sprinting like an idiot to the bomb site, they will obviously see you and then you've put the whole team in an akward postition, especially if you had the bomb!
If you feel bored, do three sixties to entertain your self, but keep an eye out, prone in a ghillie suit is the BEST thing you can do in a map like wasteland or Estate.wouldn't it be stupid though, a guy in a ghille suit, In deep grass, with a bomb, last alive for his team, real life, decides, "This is taking well too long, ima gonna sprint, plant it, and go order mi sen a KEBAB!" Yeah, if someone did that, they'd be a shish Kebob in about 5 seconds.
Don't alert yourself, stay cautious, you stay alarmed, but don't make them alarmed either.

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