Saturday, 12 December 2009

Question Time! #1


As I mentioned, quite a few posts ago now, I have recently relaunched the site as I (whisper it) neglected it. One of the reasons that I did so was because I had too much to handle with school work etc. but now I’m a little older and can handle the pressure! The other problem was that the site just wasn’t interactive enough, I had a fair amount of readers, great,great readers in fact, but I just wasn’t interactive enough with them. However, with the “sort-of new (ish) site I have chosen to be interactive so that I don’t fall back in to my old ways. So with a big boost of 2 am energy (the current time here in the UK) I will ask my first question :

“What Games Are You Looking Forward to

in 2010?”

I have posted a poll box over there----------------------> in the sidebar with a few suggestions for your answers but if you want to choose something else just post a comment in the box below. Also, please click on the Share This widget underneath so that you can share this post with your friends and we can get a real discussion going!

That’s all for today but I’ll have a new post for your sometime this weekend (maybe today :D)

From Jasmine


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