Sunday, 20 December 2009

Packed With Action : Red Dead Redemption Screenshots, In HD

Apache Explosion Carriage Wreck Screenshot HD Classic Western Screenshot HD

Go! Team Go! Screenshot HD  Killing Fools Screenshot HD Over the Balcony Screenshot HD

Click on the pictures for the bigger, HD image.


In the last post that I wrote about Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption I said that the developer is known for keeping relatively ‘hush-hush’ about their games, recent release Grand Theft Auto IV being a prime example of this. Well, with this new production of theirs it seems that they have pulled the ol’ switcheroo on us (!) as they seem to be pulling out all of the stops on the publicity front to show off their game, not that I’m complaining though! With two trailers already out I guess that releasing these fantastic HD screenshots was the next logical step, unless they wanna let me do a hands-on (hehe, so not gonna happen)….

Anyway, take a look at the images above if you want to see some screenshots of Red Dead Redemption in action.

Check out the Official Red Dead Redemption website for more HD screenshots (I only picked a few of the “action-filled” images)

If you like the look of the game you can pre-order it today at Amazon ready for its April 27th release date next year. (Available for PS3 & Xbox 360)

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