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5 (More) Modern Warfare 2 Online Gameplay Tips

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I wrote a post last month giving you 5 tips to getting a high killstreak in Modern Warfare 2’s online modes,which you can find (here) and so, to help you out even more and because I know that you all want to deploy a tactical nuke (!), I have put together another wonderful list of “5 Tips” to kill even more people in MW2 online.

1.Cross the Road

I’ve decided to start you off with something simple and easy to remember : “Cross the Road”. Crossing the road is something that most of us do everyday (though many have not left their houses since MW2’s release!) When you cross the road, you look left and right, this is a tactic that you should employ in MW2 as well. While looking left & right in the real-life is to watch for passing cars, in both the real and MW2 worlds, the general purpose is not to get killed. Not only should you do it to save your skin, you should also do it to look out for crazy enemies sprinting like panthers around the course. The chances are that they won’t see you in their haste and bang! a glorious kill, could be yours.


To unlock the extended mag attachment in the game, in most cases you have to complete 10 challenges all requiring you to kill between 5 – 40 people (approx.) with a bunch of different attachments all of which, in turn require their own separate challenges to unlock them! As if killing people wasn't hard enough, you have limited bullets too! So until you unlock the extended mag attachment for your gun, it’s important to reload! That one reload could mean that for your opponent, the line between life and death is crossed. No one wants to hear the dreaded ‘click’ signalling an empty mag, especially in the midst of a potentially fatal fire fight. Just make sure that you reload at every available opportunity to ensure that you get a few extra kills.

3. Know the Map

If you’re not familiar with a particular map in the game, then the 30 seconds (maximum a minute) at the beginning of a game, where everyone is spreading out in the map, are a perfect time for you to explore, to have a look around and to find your nook or cranny (see here for a definition). Knowing your way around a map can give you the upper hand in any game type, for example if you look around and find a few spots where the enemy might hide, then you’ll be able to ‘extinguish’ them when they wander  into said, prime hiding spot and like 3 strikes in baseball, they’ll be out!

4.Stay Still

This tip’s  good, particularly if  you’re a sniper, but it generally works for whatever type of soldier that you are. Me,personally prefer to run around wielding an assault rifle. A funny example of this tip in action is a personal experience, that happened to me yesterday—> I was playing domination in the High Rise map, I sprinted to Area B, which gets a lot of foot traffic, from both teams, I shot the enemy player who was guarding the base and promptly lay down next to the aforementioned enemy’s lifeless corpse (disgusting I know!). Anyway so there I was laying still capturing the base, as you do, when an enemy soldier sprinted towards me, I thought for sure that they would kill me, but no, laying their still as a doormat, I survived. I had gone undetected, successfully capturing the area! Staying still helps you to blend in with the scenery (or the dead bodies and can cause the enemy not to spot you, but if that doesn’t work : RUN!!!

5.Be Invisible

I’ve already talked about staying still and laying prone but being  invisible’s a little different. If there’s an enemy near you, who hasn’t noticed you yet, add “another one to the pile” by stabbing them in the back. Literally. Unless you’re using a silencer, your bullets will show-up the mini-map (as little orange/red dots). Other player could see this, get suspicious and come and pwn you! Gasp! Shock! The horror! Another way to be “invisible is to stay low, I mentioned it in the other pwn n00bs post but as extra I’ll give you this advice – crouch as much as possible and get prone behind low walls because a) it makes it harder for them to see you and b) you can move without being seen and you can’t pwn any n00bs if you’re dead!


Get a headset! Even if no one else has one, at least let the rest of the team know about that pesky sniper up in the second floor window. And plus, you never know, if some one returns the favour you could be the one to kill that guy who just pwned your team-mate and start the beginning of a blossoming killstreak.

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