Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year!

Just a quick post to say Happy New Year to all of SFN’s readers. Thank you for visiting the site and reading the posts on here, I really do appreciate it ^__^

Also, as a little update, I thought that I should tell you about what’s happening with the site in the new year, are you ready?

Well first things first, I am launching a couple on new types of articles, the first is called “Say What?!” and will answer some questions (random or otherwise) about video games. For full details on how to submit a question see the widget in the sidebar titled “Got A Scoop?”. Using the e-mail in that widget I seriously encourage you all to send me any feedback or questions about the site (you must put SFN in the subject line of all of your e-mails)

The second post type that I will be creating is called “7 Questions” – which is where I will ask 7 Questions about a game to review it. For example with Assassin’s Creed 2 I might ask Worst Feature? or  Biggest Improvement? and Is it worth buying? and questions that evaluate the games quality etc.

Those are the new post types that you can look forward to however, without the support of the ads on the site SFN wouldn’t exist so please take a look at the ad at the top of the site, please do click on it if it interests you because that’s what it’s there for!

And lastly, to finish off, please check out the poll in the sidebar asking you what games you're looking forward to in this new year. It runs from now through till February so go check it out :D

I hope that you will come back and visit SFN soon, please feel free to look at all of the posts that are already on the site. Have a Happy New Year!

And remember,

Keep On Gaming!

From Jasmino924 (Jasmine H.) : D

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