Wednesday, 23 December 2009

What On Earth Is Sodium?


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So you wanna know what Sodium One is do ya? Well,I have the answer…

If you’re unaware, Sony set up a social-gaming hybrid called PlayStation Home on PS3. Home allows PS3 users from all over the world to meet-up , interact and play games together. Up until about 6 months ago, there wasn’t much to do besides chess,bowling and doing the running man like nobodies business  and so, to combat the boredom, Sony launched Xi , an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) that required users to use their brains as well as their gaming prowess to take part. It involved real world places and events as a result , Xi was a huge hit.

That was some time ago.  Now, the boredom is slowly creeping its way back into Home and so once again Sony have come up with a way to fight back : by starting up a brand new MMO called Sodium.

There are set to be many stages to the Sodium game, this first one being aptly titled ‘Sodium One’. To get involved you have to download & enter the Sodium space in PlayStation Home where there are many things you can do. As of now, you can read what Twitter is saying about Sodium, order virtual drinks ,  blow up spaceships (in a game called Salt Shooter) and most importantly, you can take part.

Once you’re in the Sodium Home Space go and speak to VICKIE (the big robot chick) at the entrance for more details and tasks to complete for the much needed Sodium points. Also you can get you special 4 digit code which can be entered in the just released Sodium Website.

One more thing – Salt Shooter is actually a demo. The game in the Sodium Space only offers 5 levels and to unlock all 50 levels you have to buy ‘the jacket’ (in PS Home) for £4.99 (UK).

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