Sunday, 20 December 2009

Army of 2 :The 40th Day TVGB Update

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 Since I relaunched the site approximately a month ago, I have made it my goal to provide you with the most up to date news,features and trailers of video games that’s out there and in my role as the only writer and founder of the site my duties sometimes include sending you along to other sites *sniffle* , but only if they have some really exclusive stuff.

TVGB has a couple of posts on Army of 2 : 40th Day which are an interview and a preview of the game’s multiplayer modes. Because my blog is not as well-known as that site I don’t get offers like that to do interviews but they do so go check their posts out!

Army of 2 : 40th Day Preview of Multiplayer Modes – That Video Game Blog (TVGB)

Interview of Eric Chartrand, Lead Multiplayer Designer, Army of 2 : 40th Day – That Video Game Blog (TVGB)


System Fail News – Keep On Gaming!

From Jasmine :D

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