Friday, 1 January 2010

Modnation Racers Zooms into View again with its 3rd Dev Diary


Modnation Racers Dev Diary #3 courtesy of me on YouTube

Recently I’ve felt that United Front Games’ new creation-centric kart racer, cleverly titled “Modnation Racers” hasn’t been getting much love. Sure, there have been a few posts by the developers that have featured on the Official PlayStation Blog (US link)-(EU link) but I really like the look of this fun and quirky title from Vancouver-based UFG , which is, by the way presented in a lovely cartoony style. This is why I present to you, this brand new developer diary to you, showing off exactly why this game should hold a place in your video game collection.

If you like the look of Modnation Racers as I much as I do you can pre-order the game, exclusively for PS3, from Amazon today!

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