Thursday, 8 April 2010

My Predictions : Infinity Ward Staff “Situation”

Infinity Ward

The other week I mentioned some of my goals in life (it was a little off topic but you should read it anyway) but one thing I forgot to add to that list is that I never want to be sued. Please take note of this if any of you reading this are lawyers! This same goal is the primary reason why I haven’t posted anything about this ridiculous Activison/Infinity Ward thing that’s going on. You see, me and you just like to play a little Modern Warfare 2 online, just to chill out, but behind the scenes at Infinity Ward a whole host of things have been going on. People have quit, some have been fired and a lot of poop has hit the fan. That Video Game Blog (TVGB) which is a favourite site of mine has got some pretty good coverage of the situation if you want to read up.

The big debate is whether or not another Modern Warfare game will ever see the light of day. IW were already rumoured to be working on a “top secret” Modern Warfare MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) which I suspect was going to be revealed at E3, but the question on everybody’s minds now is ‘what will happen to the Modern Warfare brand?’ Activision have all the legal rights and all that jazz but I wonder if they would ever make a new MW, with no input from Infinity Ward whatsoever? You can talk about that in the comments but for now I want to put my 2 cents in and say my predictions.

  • A lot of Infinity Ward staff members have left the company, including one member who’d been working there for 8 years (TVGB have got the details) and a couple of CEOs have also left (read : been fired) and I predict that because so many people have left IW, most will go on to create a brand new studio with a great FPS as their first game. There’s no doubt about it that they could get a big company such as EA to work with them because which company is dumb enough to turn down an opportunity to publish a game made by the team behind the totally awesome, badass and as I’m a girl, hunky (!) ‘Soap’ Mactavish?


  • Another idea in this big ol’ brain of mine is that the ex-IW staff members will join the team at EA who are working on Medal of Honour. It’s blatantly obvious that EA only chose to develop MOH to take a slice of Modern Warfare’s delicious, gazillion dollar pie and so it would make sense if the ex-IW guys wanted to get back Activision by creating a game to rival theirs!


  • What I most likely suspect will happen is that Activision will be all like “oh crap, what have we done letting these guys quit (or get fired) ,however will we pay for our golden toilet paper now without a third Modern Warfare game? (said Bobby Kotick, Activision CEO) < See this is how I’m going to get sued! Anyway, Activison will pay a chunk of money to get the ex-employees back at Infinity Ward and so, peace will be restored. Or at least until IW piss Activison off again…

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1. What do you think will happen?

2. Will you be disappointed if there’s no Modern Warfare 3?

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