Friday, 2 April 2010

The Results Are In (March Poll)

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This month I asked you what technology you readers are most looking forward to. The choices were between 3D TVs , Microsoft’s Natal and Sony’s Motion Control device, which, after many months of debate we now know is called ‘Arc’. Well the month of March is now over and we are into April, thankfully past the horrible “April Fool’s Day” traditions! The final results of the poll are this > both 3D TVs and Sony’s Motion Controller only received 20% each, which was the same as 1 VOTE! Surely you guys want to experience your games in crisp 3D with surround sound? Or was James Cameron’s Avatar too much for you? Anyway, I digress, the overall winner, the top dog, the champ of the 3 tech choices was *drum-roll* Microsoft’s Natal! Congrats to Microsoft, Bill Gates you shall be receiving your prestigious “SFN Polly Award” on the 15th of well… Never.(hehe)

To vote in April’s poll keep visiting System Fail News where I’ll also be posting some great gaming articles!


Keep On Gaming!

From Jasmine (Jasmino924) :D

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