Saturday, 17 April 2010

Skate 3’s Improved Hall of Meat is Brutal!

Skate 3 Hall of Meat video via me on YouTube

Just when you all thought that you’d got lucky and I’d abandoned the blog, here I am back with a kick-ass trailer for Skate 3’s improved (and upgraded) Hall of Meat mode which is back from the original games. I’ve been playing a lot of Skate 2 recently as playing the ‘prequels’ is something I like to do before a sequel is released, just to remember why I loved (or hated) the series in the first place! What I’ve noticed from some footage I’ve seen of Skate 3 not just in my, admittedly poor quality videos, but in the screenshots floating about the interweb too, is that the graphics have improved from the 2nd game by a heck of a lot. It frustrates me that EA does this quite often, release a game with pretty rubbish features, release a sequel the following year with everything from the first game miraculously fixed but yet the sequel has brought with its release a whole host of new problems that can be fixed with another sequel. It’s what me and some of my fellow gamer buddies have labelled as the “sequel cycle” (patent pending) where publishers release sequel after sequel and so on. EA have a history of doing this with games such as the Need For Speed series but I feel that with Skate 3 everything has improved, the graphics, the physics and the career and multiplayer modes in which you have to sell loads of your own skateboards and create teams of skaters with your friends, these are all drastically ‘redone’ and the game looks all the better for it. The Hall of Meat is practically a different mode all together though the bails and the bone-cracking madness are still at the core. I really like what they've done, creating designated areas for Hall of Meat challenges as well as the option to rearrange your skeleton with a friend. I’m planning on writing a 7 questions review later in the week for the demo which I am downloading as I write this (a review that I might not get round to) but at the moment it looks like Skate 3 is going to be a recipe for delicious skating mayhem as opposed to just, plain, mayhem.

*NOTE* – at some point over the week (maybe next week) I will be posting a HUGE REVEAL about the upcoming Call of Duty game. You seriously don’t want to miss it. Keep visiting SFN for the next week to find out more.

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Comment Questions

1. Are you fed up of sequels or do you absolutely love them?

2. Do you think Skate 3 will be an epic fail or an epic win?


The Faux Bot said...

Whether it's win or fail, I'll end up buying it. It'll be the first one I'm getting for my PS3. We had a blast over at Split-Screen with skate.reel in Skate 2. Hopefully we'll get to see some of your vids from 3!

Jasmino924 said...

Thanks! I loved skate.reel as well, my favourite thing to do was to throw my board at unsuspecting pedestrians (and cars) so I hope to get to do the same again. I look forward to seeing your skate.reel vids too!

Anonymous said...

Bought Skate 3, played Skate 3 for 2 hours, returned Skate 3 to shop.

I really liked the original Skate and it's Thrasher ancestors for their focus on the actual skating rather than anything else. With the ragdoll physics adding nicely to any bails you did happen to have.

Skate 2 and Skate 3 have both been utter rubbish, if you're actually interested in skating.

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