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Dr Jasmine’s Surgery : 5 Must Have Downloads

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I’m always looking for new ways to improve my (mad) blogging skill(z) and so I always read up on how to do so and one of things I read recently was that I need to be more “personal”. WTF?! I write about video games for crying out loud I could post awesome gameplay videos with a tiny,tiny description and you guys would still watch it! Anyway I like to stay true to my blogging roots so here’s something to kick off this new post.

My 2 main aims for the future are to

  1. Become a doctor (hence the pic of me as a cartoon doc…)
  2. Become a successful blogger

Let’s just say that I’m working toward no. 2 but no. 1 is a long way off as I’m only 14 and my name’s not Dougie Howser (brownie points if you get the reference :D ) however while I can’t sew up your cuts, mend your broken bones or diagnose you like a Dr.Gregory House (bonus points again!) I can recommend a healthy dose of download-a-rama!

Download 1-Heavy Rain-(PS3 Only)

Heavy Rain Boxart

First off, the cream of the download crop. Sorry non-PS3 owners! In the demo you get to play as Private Investigator and asthma sufferer Scott Shelby, experience the incredible graphics and see exactly why I love the game so much. If any demo showcases how great the final product is, it’s this one.

Download 2-Splinter Cell Conviction-(Xbox 360 Only)

Splinter Cell Conviction Boxart 

Get your own back now 360-only owners, this one is only available from the Xbox Marketplace and is highly regarded as a must-download. That’s right, as if brutal executions, over the top action and getting to play as Sam Fisher, the original badass (after Chuck Norris of course!) weren’t enough to make you download the game, tons of video game journalists (like myself) recommend it :D

Download 3-Just Cause 2-(PS3 and Xbox 360)

Just Cause 2 Boxart

Here’s a game for all of you people who have finished GTA IV and are looking for a game in between to quench your gaming “thirst”. JC2 lets us run around attach EVERYTHING to your grapple hook, blow stuff up and jump off cliffs.

With the help of the main character's nifty parachute!

Download 4-Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing-(PS3 and Xbox 360 and Wii too)

Sega Racing Boxart

This is by far one of the best demos I have EVER downloaded, EVER! What I look for in a demo is something that I can play over and over again. The demo for this is absolutely amazing, I actually played it for over an hour even though only one track was available so if that’s not an indication that this is a fantastic demo, I don’t know what is.

Download 5-God Of War 3-(PS3 Only)

GOW 3 Boxart

As far as PS3 owners are concerned this is THE demo to download. In fact I already bought the game on Saturday (read about it on my Twitter page) but if my entire PS3 hard drive got wiped, this would be the only thing that I would re-download. Yeah, it’s really that awesome.

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Comment Questions

1. What great demos have you downloaded?

2.Which is your favourite demo on the list?

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