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First things first in this little round-up of sorts : HAPPY EASTER! I hope you all had fun celebrating the miracles that are, of course, chocolate and bunny rabbits! Just kidding… Second things second (secondly) here’s a list of all the posts that I lovingly created for you dedicated readers this week.(Counting from last Sunday)

  • I posted an exclusive article uncovering a (possible) feature in the Western/Spaghetti shooter, Red Dead Redemption.

          System Fail News EXCLUSIVE! New Feature of Red Dead Redemption Uncovered?

  • System Fail News got its own ‘promo post’ when I posted what would be on the site this week
    This Week On…System Fail News
  • As promised in the ‘promo post’ (damn alliteration!) you could watch a cool dev diary from the makers of Skate 3 (EA Black Box) of why player creation is so darn important! (You totally read the word “darn” with a country accent didn't you!)
          Skate 3 = Skating + Creating , This Dev Diary Shows Us Why
  • I then went on to post the (maybe shocking) results of last months poll where I asked you (totally awesome) readers “Which Technology is your favourite” as well as informing you about the upcoming April poll (now up)

           The Results Are In (March Poll)

  • Today I posted the potentially heart-stopping, amazing, and of course EXPLOSIVE live action trailer for Ghost Recon : Future Soldier
           Ghost Recon : Future Soldier , The Movie?


Ok, recap done and the next piece of business is this > the ads…

Please do keep reading because I have something else to ask you but what I want to say now is this. I feel that SFN isn’t like any other site on the net that just provides video game news. SFN also provides helpful tips and features that not only give gamers good advice but makes you think too. However, I don’t have the funds to make SFN an established site with a real “.com” web address or a cool layout which is why I’m asking you to help me out and take a look at (and possibly click on) the ads I’ve recently put up on the site. Please help me out, I would really,really,really appreciate it!

And finally, the April poll. This month I’m asking you if you will be buying Nintendo’s recently announced ‘3DS’ (or 3D-DS). I’m really keen to get your opinion so please vote!

Thanks folks and once again…

Keep On Gaming!

From Jasmine (Jasmino924)

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