Friday, 9 April 2010

[SITE LINK] Red Redemption Multiplayer + Online Guitar Hero

Okay readers, once again, it’s that time of the week where I post links to some of the Internet content that I think you’ll find of interest. Posted for you today, I have a video detailing the awesome-ness that is Red Dead Redemption’s seriously,ridiculously, good-looking online multiplayer , which is, of course in glorious HD. I have also linked to an extremely fun, online version of Guitar Hero. Only it’s way better than GH and it’s everything that Guitar Hero should be. I must say that if you do decide to visit the sites, be sure to come back to SFN, I’ll be waiting!

The first link is to a YouTube video from GameZone (Online), which shows off why Rockstar is (one of) the best developer(s) of our time. Is it not enough that they’ve already created loads of fantastic Grand Theft Auto games? But now they’re making another great game that we already know is going to be excellent and on top of that they’ve now gone beyond all of the footage we’ve already seen by showing off RDR’s superb online multiplayer too? Damn, I’m running out of adjectives. Now, I’m going to steal a phrase from an advert I once saw : if Rockstar was a dinosaur, it would be an Awesomesaurus!

Red Dead Redemption Free-Roam Multiplayer Reveal - YouTube 

JamLegend Logo

The last link I’m going to give you is to my favourite game on the internet. Ever. It’s to JamLegend, a Guitar Hero themed music-rhythm game that I’ve spoken about in the past

I love the site to be honest, and I think it’s miles better than the actual Guitar Hero games. JamLegend features songs from the well-known band All American Rejects as well as some other famous bands such as the (god-awful) Tokio Hotel. There are also some incredible covers to rock out to, for example, electro-pop sensation SuperPowerless does a really cool cover of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. If all of that musical goodness isn’t enough to get you to visit the site then how about the fact that you can upload your own MP3 tracks to play? I think you just found your new favourite music game, didn’t you?

Go forth and rock out! - JamLegend

Have fun watching the video and being a legend, I’m off to take a look at the first official edition of First Play, but for now,

Keep On Gaming!

By, Jasmine (Jasmino924) :D

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