Sunday, 4 April 2010

Ghost Recon : Future Soldier , The Movie?

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Live Action Trailer via me on YouTube

I absolutely love movies. If I haven’t spent all of my money on the latest video games (of course) I’ll go to the cinema or beg and plead with my parents to rent me a film from Blockbuster. After reading that you can probably guess that 2 of my favourite things are films and games, and together they go hand in hand (have you seen the awesome Resident Evil films? Just saying). Sometimes I am strongly against making films out of games, (in fact, I once signed a petition against making a Guitar Hero film) though I give a big thumbs up to video game developers who can make a game so good that it runs like a movie (though less scripted). E.g. Quantic Dream with Heavy Rain.

Ubisoft have released a new trailer for their upcoming title, Ghost Recon Future Soldier that is set to feature some futuristic technologies such as an invisibility cloaking device and an exo-skeleton for soldiers (to help them carry heavy accessories etc.), the entire trailer is live action, using real actors and some wicked special effects, which is something they tried out with Assassin’s Creed 2. I am pronouncing this trailer as the greatest trailer of all time, Super Mario Galaxy 2 trailer imma let you finish but the trailer for GR:FS is amazing!

The main hook for the game is that the game features tech and guns that are being created RIGHT NOW and I recently read that someone who is working on the game said that with the last Ghost Recon game they featured really hi-tech gadgets and weaponry but about 5 years later all of that stuff in the game had become a reality.

Modern Warfare 2, prepare to get knocked off the top spot because Ghost Recon Future Soldier is about to become the most realistic shooter that we gamers have ever seen.

You can pre-order the game now from Amazon for Xbox 360 and PS3 using the widgets in the sidebar –>  –>  –> 

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Comment Questions

1.Do you think that more developers should use live action trailers?

2.Are you looking forward to Ghost Recon Future Soldier?

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