Monday, 26 April 2010

SFN EXCLUSIVE : First Details of the New Call of Duty!

As I have stated both here and here, I am always on the hunt to bring you the latest and greatest info from the wonderful world of gaming, as well as all of the hottest exclusives that I know you all dream about! Today I have the biggest exclusive that you awesome readers of SFN have ever read : the very first details of the new Call of Duty! Rumours about COD games float about more frequently than the cold, but this time I can bring you this bit of juicy gossip that I am 85% sure is correct. I know, I know that leaves a 25% chance of error but my knack for investigative journalism as well as my gut, tells me that this is a bona fide piece of news that you will love!

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If you’re a frequent reader of the site or if you follow me on Twitter (if you do, thanks!) then you’ll know that I read the Official PlayStation Magazine (@OPM_UK on Twitter) every single month and the very first games that I ever played were demos on PS1 which came with the magazine plus, I’ve been buying the mag for years. In this month’s issue which features EA’s Medal Of Honour on the cover (now on sale!) they have a full page poster ad stating that they’ll be revealing the new Call Of Duty, which will be developed by Treyarch, next month. Not wanting to wait until next month for the info, I scoured every page of the mag, from cover to cover, hoping for a tidbit of news about the new game. However, my search was unsuccessful until I went right back to the ad for next month’s issue.

The ad shows a simple image of a grenade, with no other suggestions about the game. So, using my instincts I headed to Forestle (an eco-friendly search engine) and did a few searches for “Grenades” , just to see the look of similar grenades. As expected, my search came up with tons of grenades that looked just like this and so I refined my search to “Vietnam Grenades” (because I’d heard the rumours) and by George, did I nab this exclusive!

image WW2 Vietnam Grenade

My searching turned up an image form the site ioffer , which was offering a lot of war memorabilia for sale, including guns and grenades. The grenades that were shown were described a being used “during the Vietnam War” which, if you didn’t know was one of the battles fought during the Cold War between 1959 – 1975 and took place in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. You can see that the grenades form the mag and the site are almost identical and they both have long ‘scratch-like’ indentations going from the top to the bottom which only helps to prove my point even further. Also, these types of ‘lemon hand grenades’ were used by the US Army at the time which could indicate the chance to play as a US Army soldier for the umpteenth time (!) when Treyarch’s new take of the Call of Duty series is released.

Thank you for reading this, and if you’d like to support the site and encourage me to search for even more awesome exclusives, please take a look at the ads on the site (above the heading). I really do appreciate it!

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Comment Questions

1. What other places would you like COD to be set?

2. Are you excited for the new COD game?


Snorkle256 said...

I think its really weird that the grenade shows up like that. Now we know that COD: Black Ops is the title and provokes thoughts of something more like Treyarch's take on Modern Warefare than going back to the Vietnam War era. I wonder if it was a stock image from a previous game that the magazine used. As far as buying the game, that is one thing I won't do. I refuse to buy Treyarch games until they can produce something different than trying to follow in IW's footsteps. Here is a thought for a new COD game though. COD: Cold War - Players will be presented with a button that when pressed fires nuclear missiles at the opposition. Of course, if they press it the whole world goes into nuclear winter and "Game Over".

Jasmino924 said...

I'll be buying the new COD just to see what Treyarch come up with. I agree with you, IW are the best people for making COD games and there's no one else who can even come close to following in their footsteps. Also, I like your idea for a COD game though Activision aren't stupid enough to give players the option to nuke stuff, especially after the whole "no Russian" catastrophe!

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