Monday, 29 March 2010

This Week On…System Fail News

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Don’t you just love the things at the beginning of TV shows that say “This Week On…” , yeah me too, they’re so helpful because those little ‘mini-promos’ tell me exactly what’s coming up on the show and whether or not I should keep my eyes glued to the screen. Hence the title for the post. This week on… System Fail News!

  • I have a brand new dev diary from the team behind Skate 3 highlighting the massive effect that user creation will have in the game >>> (You can find the post here).
  • A live-action trailer for Ghost Recon : Future soldier. The game looks amazing and the trailer plays out like a real hi-spec movie trailer. Great work Ubisoft.
    You can witness the awesomeness that is the trailer now
  • The results to March’s monthly poll where I asked you wonderful readers “Which technology is your favourite”. (Just posted the results!)

Also, because I have a few days off from school this week (as well as an extra 2 weeks holiday for Easter!) I will be able to post some other fabulous gaming goodness, provided that I find it!

So stay tuned to, err… I mean keep reading System Fail News for some of the totally awesome (must-read) posts that I’ll be posting on here soon!


Keep On Gaming!

From Jasmino924 (Jasmine) :D

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