Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Team Up.Throw Down. Skate In A Quarry?

Skate 3 Dev Diary #2 via me on YouTube

There’s really not long to go before Skate 3’s released – March,April and then May , so yeah, there’s only a few months to wait until the game is in stores. So far we know this a)Skate 3 will encourage us to Team Up & Throw Down (that being the game’s tagline) and create epic teams of awesome self created in-game skaters with our friends and b)we’ve been able to customise our boards, our characters and even our surroundings in the past, and now be can even customise our pieces of clothing and create original logos for our “epic teams”. There’s hardly anything that you CAN’T make your own.

That’s what we know already and so far, so great but now we actually get to find out WHERE we can show off our team’s custom gear, grind our freshly designed boards to wood chips and rack up crazy hospital bills courtesy of one “Bailey the Bailster” in this new dev diary. Also featured in the new Skate 3 video is the behemoth of a grind palace > the quarry. Because everyone wants to bail into a pit of sharp and pointy rocks, right?

Comment Question : What locations would you add to Skate 3, if you had the chance?

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