Tuesday, 3 March 2009

An Online Alternative to Guitar Hero

It’s a well known fact that Activision and Harmonix rule the music rhythm genre of video games, though for many gamers splashing out hundreds of dollars to buy peripherals hardly seems like a great financial move in this time of economic insecurity does it? This is why below I have written about one of my favourite free online alternatives to Guitar Hero.

Guitar Hero LogoJamLegend

The online game that I’m talking about is the marvellous JamLegend.Made up of about 100 (maybe more) rocking tunes, all of which are available and require no unlocking at all, this site is by far the best equivalent to Guitar Hero when you’re sat at the computer.


Another great feature to the site is the competitive multiplayer AKA ‘showdowns’. While not as advanced as that of Guitar Hero showdowns pit you and lots of other JamLegend users against each other with one aim, to rack up as many points as possible. JamLegend has a ton of other excellent features to it including these, it’s free to use, songs added every few days and there are leaderboards too. Plus if you’re using a desktop PC you can pick up the keyboard and play it just like a guitar, the same control scheme as Guitar Hero. I advise you to check it out as it’s a lot of fun,free and there are absolutely no ads. So why not give it a go?

JamLegend or Guitar Hero? Which one do you prefer? Pick one and say why in the comments box below.

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