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Why Heavy Rain Is the Best Movie I’ve Ever Seen

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It’s March now. Although I’m writing this and it feels like the very beginning of the year and I’m still a little tired from that killer New Year’s Eve party last night[*see footnote*], I am going to address one of my goals for 2010  > to get out more. It has been said many times that I don’t get out much, I’m the type of girl who would rather hoover up trophies and achievements like nobody’s business than go outside and bust up my knees playing sports, however this year I aimed to go shopping all the time and hit the movies at least once a month. Let’s just say that it’s March now and I have been to the cinema a total of 0 times, though I can be found cooped up inside chomping on Blockbusters bought popcorn, watching a rented Blu-Ray film almost every other week. So all in all, while I may not be a movie expert I have seen my fair share of epic and not-so-epic movies.

Simply put, Heavy Rain is not a movie. Don’t get confused. It plays like a game, looks like a movie and uses drama like a TV show, which exactly why I love it. I sort of rambled on a little bit about my lack of a social-life but I had to do that in order for you to really understand how little I go out and have non-video-game related fun but it will sort of prove my point… Graphics for one, are sort of expected to be at a high standard  for the current generation’s games and anyone who has played Alien VS Predator will know that even in this day and age the animation isn't always up to scratch but the graphics in HR are SO good that I can compare them to a movie. A shot in real-life MOVIE! for crying out loud. Why on Earth would I spend a ton of money going to a place full of frustratingly long lines, foul-tasting popcorn and rude staff just to watch a movie when I could experience the same Hi-Def visuals in the comfort of my own home by playing Heavy Rain? Plus everyone knows that Orville Redenbacher's microwave popcorn is delicious!

Have any of you seen the film Year One? That caveman-themed film featuring Jack Black, Michael Cera and Olivia Wilde? That movie is atrocious! I would rather be put in a human-sized microwave than watch that film again, which needless to say would be rather painful. The film is about as funny as being water boarded and is a prime example of how films SHOULDN’T be made. I don’t care how great or funny the director, Judd Apatow is and I really don’t give a flying monkey about how awesome Olivia Wilde is in House. The movie SUCKED.Big time. What I don’t understand is why a video game is a better representation of what a film should be than AN ACTUAL FILM. The game conveys drama like a conveyor belt of tears and :( faces. Heavy Rain was by far one of the most uplifting and depressing things I have ever played. I felt pure emotion when it came to rescuing Shaun Mars (Ethan’s son) and I wanted nothing more than to rescue him alive. I even found it difficult to babysit a 9 year old because I had just finished playing Heavy Rain (in which Shaun Mars is around the same age). I felt genuine heartache when Shaun was captured by the Origami Killer, joy when I got one step closer to finding him and most of all I felt connected to the characters and to the game, which is something that I have never experienced with a movie.

I admit, I don’t know everything or even a lot about films though I do know this : Heavy Rain is how every film should be made and film makers should definitely take note.

*FOOTNOTE* I spent my New Year’s Eve eating pizza from Domino’s while watching the disastrous Year One. Let’s just say my start to 2010 wasn’t a happy one!

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