Tuesday, 26 January 2010

SFN Exclusive! Alan Wake Release Date Confirmed?


Eat my shorts Joystiq! Taste the pain Kotaku and as for you 1UP you can bite the dust because guess which amateur blogger/writer did a bit of reading and nabbed an exclusive for SFN? Me! I don’t want to toot my own horn but I really pulled it out of the bag this time…

So folks, let’s get down to the the actual news. Have you heard of that game Alan Wake? It’s that upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive about a writer in a mysterious setting. As of recent it’s dropped off the radar a little bit and has even had its release date pushed back but when I was reading a shopping catalogue I noticed a little nugget of information lingering under the box art. On the pictures the aforementioned info is just under the box art in a tiny pale blue box. It’s hard to read in the pic (I snapped the pictures from my phone!) but it reads as “Releases April

It could just be an accident but fingers crossed fellow gamers that this game will be out in these upcoming Spring months because we simply can’t be arsed to wait for this game anymore!

**UPDATE**- I just read on these here interwebs that Alan Wake does now have an official release date (about time). It’s been confirmed that Alan Wake will be available for all in May!

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