Thursday, 7 January 2010

Dark Void Demo Out Now For PSN and Xbox Live

Dark Void

As you may already know I am the only one who writes for System Fail News and well, to be frank it’s been an extremely busy week for me. I am currently studying for some seriously important exams and so I've not had much time to blog in between revision and such. Anyway, most of you probably aren’t in the same predicament and I’m guessing that you all have an hour or 2 of free-time in which you can play video games or surf the web (and read SFN!). If you’re one of those people, I strongly suggest that you download the demo for the highly anticipated game Dark Void . The demo’s out today for PlayStation Network (download it from the PS Store for free) and was out yesterday for Xbox Live users.It’s supposed to give an introduction to the game and also provides a little taster of what you can epxpect from the game when it’s released. Apparently Brad Pitt wants to star as the main character in a film about the game. What?! A guy has to have a day job in between running a free day care centre! Oh wait, they’re his kids. My bad…

Official Dark Void WebsiteDark Void

Dark Void will be out later this month but you can pre-order it from Amazon today.

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