Monday, 25 January 2010

I Have A Perfectly Valid Excuse!

I don't know if you noticed the date on the last post on the site but I haven't actually posted anything in over a week! I do apologise though I do have an excuse. For one I am in the midst of doing some VERY important pieces of school work and so I have been rushed of my feet trying to keep track of everything (including the site). All of the hard work has really got to me and for the past 4 days I've been really ill, I've been bedridden for how many days with illness.

However, illness and schoolwork aside I can say that I have a fantastic "EXCLUSIVE" coming up for the site. I can't tell you what it is so you'll have to wait until I post it so all that I'm going to say is that I put my investigative journalism skills to the test (just kidding, I have no skills!) and I found something out about a game that seems to be fading away from our view.

Make sure that you keep checking up on the site

Keep On Gaming!

Jasmino924 (Jasmine) :D

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