Sunday, 17 January 2010

Random Ramblings : Why Original IPs Are The Best

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Screenshot

When you’re at high school it’s said that the best way to get through it is to blend in and try not to stand out. I am one of those teens in high school but unfortunately for me I stick out like a sore thumb wearing a neon sign that says “look at me, look at me!”. I stand tall with my 5 feet and 9 nine inches towering over my peers, my hair is bird’s nest messy (which is actually somewhat of a compliment) and I am a nerd by everyone’s standards. I am also left-handed, black and a girl which means that there is no one else like me in my school of over 1 thousand pupils. In short, I am different, in all respects of the word.

Just like original IPs I stand out when my shelf in the store is crowded by first person shooters and RPGs, with my differences making me interesting. However, instead of shunning them for being weird, unusual or ‘quirky’ we should celebrate these games' unique features. Developers who make these creative IPs have produced them from scratch, for example, you will never find another Super Mario Galaxy because it just can’t be done, it was Nintendo’s personal brainchild. You can always guarantee that the development team behind an original game tried their best to make the game absolutely perfect because it was their idea which, for the most part, they were allowed to have creative reign over. Let’s face it, we tend to do jobs half-heartedly unless they will benefit us in some way.

Next time you wander into into GameStop or browse , think about how much fun you’ll have playing an excellently developed original video game. Ignore the sequelised clutter that clouds your vision and instead choose to buy that game that just that little bit different.

*Btw I made the word “sequelised” up.

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