Sunday, 21 February 2010

First Play UK Announced

First Play UK Walkthrough video via me on YouTube

Being the only blogger at System Fail News is hard, I am the only one who runs and writes for the site and sometimes it can be really difficult to keep up. I don’t have the privilege of having lots of people on my staff the way other sites do although I do my best to bring you as much gaming goodness and as many exclusives as I can. You may have already heard about First Play, the new digital gaming news service coming to PlayStation 3s in the UK, it’s being led by the team behind the Official PlayStation Magazine UK (OPM_UK on Twitter) and so will surely be great. Wanting to go that extra mile and not just do the generic ‘copy and paste’ thing that loads of other sites do, I waited out a little while for the new edition of OPM to be released so that I could give you some extra info about the service. However, as much as I love the mag, this time it let me down, failing to mention First Play even once and therefore left out the snippets of info that I wished to tell you all here. Alas, do not be disheartened as I have posted the trailer/walkthrough video for First Play and below I will bullet point the service’s key features.

  • Is a brand new paid interactive PS3 service that will give its users heap loads of PS3 news and insider gossip before anyone else
  • Will only be available to UK PS3 owners for the meantime but apparently if it does well, the rest of Europe, followed by other parts of the world will be the next ones to get it!
  • Features HD Screenshot galleries ,HD Video Reviews and Previews , HD Trailers and all of the best user uploaded content from the PlayStation Network.
  • First Play comes out every Thursday (starting Spring-time) of every week, downloadable via the PlayStation Store
  • Prices are 99p per episode or £3.99 per month if you subscribe (approx.) – a pretty good deal if you ask me!

You can check out the First Play website @

I promise to keep you updated when I hear anything about a set start date for the First Play service

- it has just been announced that First Play's first episode will be available to UK users by the PlayStation store THIS THURSDAY. Mark your calendars, - April 8th. I'll be posting a hands-on of their beta issue sometime this week :D

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Comment Questions 

Do you think First Play looks good?

For those of you who are Xbox 360/Nintendo Wii users, would you like to see a similar service come to other consoles?

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