Monday, 1 June 2009

System Fail News: Complete Guitar Hero 5 Setlist Released


The other week I posted the shortened band for Guitar Hero 5, though I now have the updated list of bands that will feature in the game. Check it out below.


3 Doors Down        Billy Idol            Children of Bodom     Eagles of Death  Metal       Iggy Pop                      Kings Of Leon          Peter Frampton

A Perfect Circle     Billy Squier        Coldplay                     Elliot Smith                        Iron Maiden                 Kiss                         Public Enemy Featuring Zakk Wylde

AFI                         Blink  182           Darker My Love         Elton John                         Jeff Beck                    Love and Rockets    Queen & David Bowie

Arctic Monkeys      Blur                    Darkest Hour            Face To Face                      Jimmy Eat World        Megadeth                 Queens Of The Stone Age

Attack! Attack!      Bob Dylan          David Bowie             Garbage                              John Mellencamp       Mötley Crüe              Rammstein

Band Of Horses       Bon Jovi            Deep Purple             Gorillaz                               Johnny Cash               My Morning Jacket   Rose Hill Drive

Beastie Boys           Brand New        Dire Straits               Gov’t Mule                         Kaiser Chiefs              Nirvana                      Rush

Beck                        Bush                 Duran Duran             Grand Funk Railroad            King Crimson             No Doubt                   Santana

Scars On Broadway  T. Rex              The Sword                Wild Cherry

Screaming Trees      The Bronx        The White Stripes    Wolfmother

Smashing Pumpkins  The Derek Trucks Band                    Thin Lizzy

Sonic Youth              The Duke Spirit                                Thrice

Spacehog                  The Killers                                        Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers 

Stevie Wonder          The Police                                        TV On The Radio

Sublime                     The Raconteurs                                Vampire Weekend

Sunny Day Real Estate    The Rolling Stones                      Weezer


Is your favourite band not on the list? Leave a comment!

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