Thursday, 25 June 2009

Tekken 6 Wireless Sticks (Hey That Rhyme’s!)


While Street Fighter 4 may have been the best fighting game of the year, so far,  there may be a contender that can  ‘reclaim that title’  and it’s name is “Tekken 6”. Anyway, enough of that movie trailer crap and on to the actual headline…

So some cool company called HORI have produced a pretty darn awesome peripheral for Tekken 6 (see image above) and it will act just like arcade machine controls, only it has a couple of added features-

a) it’s wireless!


b) it won’t get jammed like the Street Fighter IV fight stick did ;D


He he he, I’m looking forward to Tekken 6 because it will make a great post tile

Tekken 6 Takes The Trophy < hey it’s alliteration!


Are you looking forward to Tekken 6 too? Leave a comment!

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