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Random Ramblings Of A Video Game Blogger : 2K Czech’s Mafia 2

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The other day I was sat in my German class learning the different words for fruits when my Polish friend, who was sat next to me, starts laughing. So, as you do, I asked him what he found so funny about German fruit and he said “in my language that word means penis!”. This very quote got me thinking. Different things can be taken out of context depending on the culture, the language, even the different stereotypes! This same thing also got me very worried about the upcoming title, Mafia 2. The new game is being developed by developer 2K Czech. Now this not might be a bad thing but it’s the fact that perhaps people from the Czech Republic are not the best people to make the game after all how much do Eastern Europeans know about the Mafia besides the knowledge amassed from stereotypes. Don’t call me racist but from what I know from playing the horrendous Godfather games and from watching re-runs of The Simpson’s, most Mafia men are a) Italian b) total thugs and c)great lovers of pasta. Don’t get me wrong when people use a a topic that is heavily laden with stereotypes, they can usually make it their own and change to their own thoughts. For example Twilight’s Edward Cullen (I’m a teenage girl, I’m allowed to use Twilight references) is a vampire, while we typically see vampire’s as those bloodsucking creatures who cannot go out in sunlight and can be killed with a stake through the heart. The author of the Twilight books, Stephenie Meyer decided to make the concept of vampire’s her own and so upon contact with the sun Mr. Cullen merely glimmers like a sweaty fat man and she also made it so that vampires can only be killed by first being ripped to shreds and secondly being burnt to crisp! Hopefully 2K Czech will adapt and expand the usual Mafia stereotypes and make the game something quite blatantly ‘Mafia-like’ while being something we’ve never seen before. Keep checking up on System Fail News for updates on the games progress!

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