Thursday, 28 May 2009

System Fail News: Guitar Hero 5 Set For September Release Date


So, how many Guitar Hero games have there been released so far? Everyone pull out a pen and paper; Guitar Hero 1,2 and 3:Legends Of Rock, Aerosmith,World Tour and most recently, Guitar Hero Metallica. Now by my count that makes 6 and so if they released another game it would be no. 7 right. Not so.Activision are indeed releasing a new game that will be called Guitar Hero 5, but I suppose you guessed that from the title of this post… Anyway this new game will feature a whole host of different acts including…

The Rolling Stones
The White Stripes
Kings of Leon
Tom Petty
Bob Dylan
Johnny Cash
Vampire Weekend
Beastie Boys
Duran Duran
Jimmy Eat World
The Raconteurs

…and it will be released on September 1st, the exact same release date of Rock Band: The Beatles, the upcoming game from Activision’s rivals Harmonix. Best of luck to both developers!

Which developer do you think will come out on top? Leave a comment!

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