Sunday, 28 June 2009

Random Ramblings Of A Video Game Blogger : Peripheral Sensitivity

I was just playing Tap Tap Revenge 2 on my iPhone (it’s like Guitar Hero without the strumming)and I was gladly jamming away to Gives You Hell by The All American Rejects.I was pretty pleased with myself that I had the maximum multiplying score and so for once I didn’t get in a strop with the game and so I kept on playing. 30 seconds later the smugness quickly faded… Oh no! What  had I done!? It had appeared that in my  relatively cheerful mood, my finger had lightly, and yes I mean lightly, brushed the surface of my phone which had registered it as a “void note! and so had cancelled by maximum points multiplier. I was pretty miffed about this. Not just because I lost my super high points bonus but because it had made me anxious for the future. If touch screen phones are employing this sort of “uber-sensitivity” in their games, who’s to say that publishers and developers of console game won’t adapt to this fashion by making their peripherals and accessories equally as sensitive. It will mean that there will be no room for error. Games like Tony Hawk's Ride that uses a skateboard peripheral will change completely and only actual skateboarders will be able to use the game and the likes of you and me won’t be able to play the game. Mr Hawk himself has even said that the game’s extreme mode will only be accessible to skateboarders or seriously hardcore gamers with a lot of experience with the Ride game. I don’t know about you guys but I sure as heck know that if they start making really sensitive peripherals for games, I sure as heck won’t be buying them.

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