Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Systematic Review: The Godfather 2


Rinse and repeat. Seriously. We gamers have enough of that when we wash our hair but it seems that EA chose this very same line for the foundations of their new game The Godfather 2.

Sure it looked in all of the adverts but unfortunately it doesn’t play even half as well as the trailers suggest. It all starts off with you, Dominic, the main character, as a fresh faced member of the Corleone family getting a once in a lifetime opportunity to start off your own family from scratch. Along the course of the game you will recruit new members to your family, own businesses in 3 different places (New York, Florida and Cuba) and plough through an uber-transparent storyline at an alarmingly speedy rate. So basically good times! Or so you’re led to believe.

As you make your way through the game you begin to notice some tremendous flaws. The most noticeable errors in the games dynamics are the graphics. In one word ; horrendous. It’s one thing that you have to rack up thousands of miles, due to the fact that driving around take forever (and a day), but it takes the cake that you don’t even get to do it in style. Each car that you come across is subtly categorised by either one of two factors. 1.Slow and decrepit or 2. Fast and ugly. Though having said that, regardless of what tired, old paint job a vehicle has, all of the cars in The Godfather 2 look like they have come from the same Lego brick factory.

Another extremely, gaping hole in the games mechanics is the repetitive over and over system that seems to get its sticky hands into every pore of the game.This was a dire concern that players of the first game had,had and with half an hour of playtime under my belt it seemed that it appeared to have been eradicated, though after another 30 minutes I could see in plain daylight that The Godfather 2 had gone back to its old ways.The businesses are identical,the run and gun antics become routine and every time you get into fisticuffs you are put to sleep because of boredom.However it’s not all repeated, the names of the goons that the game makes you slay endlessly are, ironically, different.

Last but not least, I must point your attention to the flimsy plot.Right from the get go you can see where the story writers have gone wrong.As your character Dominic races through the storyline it’s plain to see who’s going to do what and when.At a point very near the beginning of the game I began to estimate what was going to happen and guess what?

I was 100% correct…

From the first video that I saw of the game, I glimpsed at glimmer of hope for the mobster sequel. Unfortunately, when I played the game that glimmer quickly faded.My advice, don’t waste your money, your time or you breath.

      Good Points

  • The innovative ‘Don’s View’ map
  • The control of a family

     Bad Points

  • Bad graphics
  • Bad storyline…
  • and even worse repetition

Summary: a rent-out at best

My rating: 4 out of 10

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