Monday, 11 May 2009

System Fail Rumour: GTA IV Lost and Damned DLC Coming To PS3

Lost and Damned

That’s right readers, you did indeed read the headline correctly, the Xbox 360 exclusive DLC, GTA IV Lost and Damned may be coming to PS3. This may come as a surprise to you as Kotaku reported a while ago that Microsoft paid the rather extravagant price of $50,000,000 (wowza!) for two episodes of this exclusive content. The rumour all started when PSW Magazine wrote released an article that stated that GTA IV Lost and Damned will be released for PS3 on August 20th 2009. The magazine also stated that when Microsoft forked out the big bucks for the DLC it was only to ensure that the DLC would be Xbox 360 exclusive for just 6 months. To be honest I think Microsoft got ripped off. Don’t you?

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