Tuesday, 12 May 2009

System Fail Viewpoint: UFC 2009 Undisputed (Demo)


Brutal.Ruthless.Unforgiving. The three words that can be used to describe a teenagers experience of high school, though they can also be used for describing the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). I recently downloaded and played the demo for the brand spanking new game and I must say I was overwhelmed by how much I had playing it! I had heard many mixed opinions of the game though when I dove into the demo I wasn’t ready to make any decisions. However, since downloading the demo a couple of days ago, I have since played approximately 13 times! Here,let me explain what makes the demo so great.

1.)The graphics

Oh boy don’t let me get started on the graphics! Demos are often regarded as shabby unfinished pieces of products taken from the main game. They are usually poorly put together and confusing. But not this one! Each time I loaded the demo I was stunned and surprised by just how visually stunning the graphics were. The bodies of the fighters glistened and shone in the bright lights that were projected into the caged arena. After Killzone 2, UFC’s graphics are the best that I have seen in a demo so far.

2.) The fun!

I have never had this much playing an unfinished game since, well ever! As I stated above I have played the game many, many times since downloading it and despite the fact that only one fight is available after downloading the demo (between Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell and Shogun Rua) it’s still fun. The fighting provides so much sheer amusement, not in a gimmicky way, I actually had a grin that went from ear-t-ear after I finished up playing the demo for the umpteenth time.

My Verdict: Either get the game or download the demo ‘cuz this game is off the CHAIN!

>In other words the game is a must have as it’s a lot of fun and it provides a lot of replay ability.


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Jasmino's site is uber cool and anyone who says it's crap is goin get their asses kicked!

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Lol your funny! :D

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