Monday, 25 May 2009

System Fail Top Tips: 5 Must Have Games (PS3)

In comparison to the Xbox 360, the PS3 is a relatively new console, yet there are still plenty of great games available for it.

Below I have listed the top 5 games that you should definitely buy for your PS3.

5.Grand Theft Auto IV

The Don, the top dog,the King. All of these titles represent Grand Theft Auto's status in the world of sandbox games. Rockstar's recent addition to the series, GTA IV, was a massive hit with crazed fans of the long-running franchise and newcomers alike. And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see why. In the game you get to run around like a mad man, killing innocent civilians, irritating policemen with your wave of endless crime sprees and as an all time first you get to go bowling!

4. Little Big Planet

Aah, Little Big Planet. The only game on PS3 that can turn a hardened career criminal into a super-sensitive softie. I can understand a gangster's change of heart, after all Sackboys are just sooo cute! The adorable playground world that developers Media Molecule have created is intriguing to everyone over the age of embryo (not really an age, I know) to anyone under the age of ancient (again not an age). With LBP it really is love at first sight!

3.Killzone 2

Die.Helghast.Die! These 3 words are the basic premise for Guerrilla's dark and grimy shooter. And it’s those same few words that have earned Killzone 2 the place of number 3 in this list. While the game is quite diverse and up to date in terms of graphics, gameplay and the like it’s base is relatively simple; kill the Helghast, revive your team mate, kill the Helghast, revive your team mate etc… This accessible way of playing provide an extremely fun experience and so it is a high priority must have!

*Demo available from the PlayStation Store

2. inFamous

Oh no. What on Earth have you done? inFamous’ story starts off when innocent bike messenger Cole embarks on a delivery mission which involves a mysterious package, which just happens to contain a freaky-deaky glowing orb. Anyway this orb thing goes KABOOM and devastates the whole of Empire City (where the game’s set) it also gives the main character Cole some super-cool electric powers.It’s up to you (as Cole) to run around Empire City either protecting the city from the equally powerful Reaper gang (who also have powers) or just making the Empire City residents’ problems a heck of a lot worse. It really is up to you…

*Download the demo from the PlayStation Store.

1.Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

The last on the list and the last in the MGS series (or so Hideo Kojima says). This game is famous for its uber long cut scenes, something that is only respected by fans of Metal Gear Solid. That annoying feature isn’t much to worry about as it doesn't take away from how much fun can be had with the game. It’s no generic FPS, Brother’s In Arms I’m talking to YOU, it's a solid video game that ties up the majority of the loose strings left of the Metal Gear Story and is definitely worth a place in your PS3 video game collection.

Missed out your favourite PS3 game? Leave a comment and tell me all about it!

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