Sunday, 26 April 2009

5 Must Have Games (Xbox 360)

Lucky you. You’ve got some extra money lying around. But whatever shall you spend it on? Here’s an idea; why don’t you buy some new games for your Xbox? Below is a list of must have games for your Xbox 360, that I’ve put together just for you.

5. Fable II

This little RPG gem was praised as “one of the best RPGs out there” by some of my fellow journalists and to be honest, they’re not wrong. The game’s lovely graphics and its cunning style of gameplay make this game a wonderful addition to your video game collection.

4.Mass Effect

This sci-fi shoot ‘em up really had a “mass effect” on gamers (bad pun sorry :¬(D  We were enticed by its creative storyline and we were pleasantly dazzled by its huge array of weapons. I guess in this case it kinda does what it says on the box.

3. Gears of War 1/2

After the first mutant massacre title was released, tons of gamers flocked to their nearest GameStop or GAME retailer to buy an Xbox 360 console complete with the Gears of Wars games.Having been hailed as on of the main reasons that people have bought an Xbox 360 there’s no doubt that these games are pretty darn awesome!


2. BioShock

With this game, so many honours ensued and you can easily see why. The game offers many,many hours of fun-packed play-time, the fun aspect coming in the form in the ruthless, unforgiving slaughter of Splicers. With stunning visuals and an even more stunning plot, it’s no surprise as to why gamers everywhere love it so much.

1.Halo 3

Aah, the cult classic. This game is a well renowned “classic” in the world of gamers, with encyclopaedias ,comic books and even figurines dedicated to the game. This is a personal favourite of mine as the gameplay systematic = a heck of a lot of fun, the storyline is compelling and most of all the online mode is EPIC!!!!!

Which games do you think should be on the list? Tell me in the comments section.

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