Monday, 13 April 2009

Silence Is Golden

Do you remeber those days, possibly not so long ago, when you'd be reading your comics or playing with your action figures and you would hope and pray that some wonderful developer would come along and conjure up a game so fun and enjoyable to play that you would play it and play it and play it some more? Well pray no more my precious reader as those fabulous video game geniuses over at Eidos have put together a game that has the potential to make the superhero haterz (real chicks spell stuff with z's) convert to the other side. take a look at this new gameplay video for the new Batman game.

Batman Arkham Asylum extended gameplay video courtesy of Gamehelper on YouTube

Like the look of the gameplay trailer? Why not pre-order Batman Arkham Asylum from Amazon?

Early release or increased sentence? Tell me what you think of the video by leaving a comment in the comments box.

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