Friday, 20 February 2009

View This Infectious New Trailer

Everyone loves a bit of zombie action in the afternoon (not that kind of action) and with the release of Resident Evil 5 only 3 weeks around the corner it's no wonder that the whole gaming world has become infected with the survival-horror game virus. If you are not yet Resi 5 crazy (that sounds unrealistic just typing it!) or if you simply want to fuel your wnating of the game, view the brand spanking new Resident Evil 5 trailer from Capcom, the creative geniuses behind the Resi games.

Resident Evil 5 trailer courtesy of Joystiq.

Why not pre-order Resident Evil 5 from Amazon?

Resident Evil or Resident Feeble? Leave a a comment as to what you think of the Resident Evil games.

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