Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Get Lost With A Friend

With only a few hours to go until the release of the GTA IV downloadable content(DLC to us nerdy folks) I felt that it was necessary for us all to indulge in a bit of Lost and Damned gossip.

So we all know that this additional content is going to be awesome but the question is this, do we know why? Well here's a good enough reason. Motorbikes aside it has recently come to light that alongside the additional missions that Lost and Damned provides, Rockstar have also included quite a few upgrades for the multiplayer modes too. The developer has come up with the same ol' , same ol' biker blended improvements for the modes that were already included with the game. However System Fail News can tell you a few deets about a brand spanking new multiplayer mode included with the DLC.
The new mode in question is called Chopper v Chopper which translates as this; Dude 1 on a motorbike, Dude 2 in a chopper. Dude 2's aim, shoot the poop out of Dude 1 like a bowl of prunes. Dude 1's aim BIKE LIKE HELL!

Not got GTA IV? Why not buy it from Amazon?Or get Lost and Damned!

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