Friday, 20 February 2009

It Really Is Perfection!

Right now Sony's Official PLayStation Blog a little picture of a Helghan soldier on the right hand side will tell you that Killzone 2 has one more week until release (or deployment, as stated on the blog) and with this subtle reminder as bait for a larger, much anticipated release date fish, it's kinda difficult to forget KZ2. I know that when high-profile releases such as Killzone 2 come this close to being on shelves me, along with many, many PS3 owning gamers will be sitting at the edge of our seats with closed eyes and clasped hands praying for the day (27th February 2009) to arrive. So when the developers of the game in question, Guerilla released this ad for the game the entire gaming world went nuts.

Killzone 2 advertisement courtesy of PlayStation Blog and Joystiq.

Why not pre-order Killzone 2 from Amazon?

Helghast or Helghastly? Don't like the look of the PS3's new exclusive? Say why in the comments box below.

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