Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Activision Blizzard, (AKA Acti-Blizzle) the pioneers behind the epic MMORPG World Of Warcraft have announced details for this years highly anticipated Blizz-con. For those of you who don't know what 'Blizzcon' is, it's basically a W.O.W-fest where World Of Warcraft players from every corner of the globe can unite. Don't be fooled though. Although W.O.W is by far the developer's greatest success the event will make way for news regarding upcoming Acti-Blizzle games too. For a full list of Blizzcon info just scroll down a little bit.

The date - this years Activision Blizzard Convention will take place on - Friday 21st August '09 till Saturday 22nd August '09.

The place - Anaheim Convention Centre's where it's at.

What's in store - a panel of Blizzard peeps will be on hand to talk about what they do best!

Tournaments - prove yo' skill homie!
Demos - get all hands-on at Blizzcon. Too much though and you'll get slapped with a restraining order.
News - find out about Acti-Blizzle's latest projects.
There will be an auction plus a place to get A.B merchandise.

Notice that I didn't mention anything about tickets. This is because Activision Blizzard haven't released anything about the cost of tickets or the amount of tickets that will be available. However if you keep checking SFN there will be information about tickets as soon as they announce it.

New to the MMORPG crowd? Why not snag yourself the MMORPG, World Of Warcraft and its add-on Wrath of the Lich King from Amazon?

Activision Blizzard or Activision Meltdown? What do you like (or not) about Activision Blizzard's games? Voice your opinion in the comments box below.

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