Sunday, 30 May 2010

What's Going On

Wowee! It's been quite a while since I posted anything worthy of reading on the site (about 2 weeks) and for that, readers, I am really sorry. Late Spring/Summer is always rubbish time for blogging, for me anyway, as I end up with thousands of exams and then I have to revise and prepare so that I don't fail them all. Epically.

While exams, revising and just general school stuff has been taking up all of my time, that's not the real reason that I've been AWOL from the site. If any of you reading this follow me on Twitter, you'll know that a few weeks ago, my parents gave me the go ahead for a new site, about video games, just like SFN, that will have a proper '.com' web address and have a half-decent theme! It's going to cost a bit of money, hence the reason I've been asking you all to look at the ads etc. but I've been planning and anticipating the creation of said new blog for quite a while so hopefully all goes to plan!

I know that my About Me page says that I'll never leave the blog but strictly speaking that isn't what's happening, I'll just be making the site a heck of a lot better, as well as making it way more professional. Right now I'm trying to come up with names for the site, with no luck whatsoever as all of the generic names have been taken and my ability to be creative seems to have evaportated like a jug of water on a hot day! :(

The brainstorming process for the new site is going quite well but if you want to see anything in particular on the new site, please check out my Contact page and get in touch!

I'll be keeping you all posted about the new site as I get closer to launching it so keep checking out SFN, but for now,

Keep On Gaming!

From Jasmine :D (Jasmino924)


luke harvey said...

u do post late a night can't wait 2 see new website. Remember resision= better job. and not a crap job like my cousin who works in Mc donals

Jasmino924 said...

Thanks Luke! Lol about your cousin! The new site is at if you want to check it out, it's not ready at the moment though, as I write this but you can visit it anyway :D

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