Sunday, 29 November 2009

RE: Relaunch of System Fail News!

Hello everyone, my name is Jasmine, but you can call me Jasmino :D I first created System Fail News at the beginning of the year, as you can see from the archives. However, since then I have left the blog and gone on to create 2 more. Now you’re probably thinking “why should we believe that  she’s not going to leave the site again?” , well I’ll tell you why ; because after writing for my other two sites (both of which I have deleted) I have seen how I can improve my blog writing completely and now that I am back at System Fail News I know exactly what I want for the blog and how I can make it better . This why I have chosen to relaunch the site with even better posts and features to wow you all!

Now that the formal introduction and what not is out of the way  let me explain to you what the site is about!

I plan to make System Fail News a hub for all things to do with video games ; news & reviews , cool gaming products and previews of new games too , so check up on the site regularly to see all of the great posts that I will be putting on the site soon!

From Jasmine.

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